DSE Airport Solutions changes its name to Insero Software

The new name indicates that the company is part of Insero group. For 30 years, DSE Airport Solutions – now Insero Software – has been successful in developing software for the airport industry, and in recent years the company has also positioned itself in the energy industry. Now, the overall growth will receive a boost, and the order book for 2014 is already full.


Today, the Horsens company DSE Airport Solutions changes its name to Insero Software. The change of name, which has been on its way for some years, indicates that the rapidly developing company has now become a part of the Insero group.

“For 30 years, we have specialised in software for the airport industry, and we have delivered highly complex solutions for both Danish and international clients. It is good business, and we have built some unique competences. In 2012, we came out with a profit of DKK 3.3 million, and it’s also looking very reasonable in 2013 – especially considering that we have invested heavily in developing new products and solutions,” explains CEO and founder of the company, Anders Midtgaard.

Insero Software has just finished a solution for the Air Force and Naviair, which ensures effective coordination between several Danish airports. As part of the project, Insero Software has developed and integrated a tool that helps airports coordinate air traffic in relation to speed, altitude and destination. As opposed to previously, where contact had to be established via telephone when a plane switched control zone, everything it now controlled automatically by a computer. The next step will be to roll out the technology to airports on the international market.

“In 2014, we want to increase our business within airports. We have a full order book, and we are talking to several international partners, whom we expect to establish partnerships with during 2014. Our systems have proven their worth – they create value for the customer, and they are very stable and cost effective. We can feel that the market has noticed this,” explains Anders Midtgaard.